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Welcome to the iMAP Links page. We hope to create in this space a place to where you may come to relax, listen and learn. This evolving list of links will consist of some people we've done development work for, and with, along with a list of resources and sites that we just think are "cool", useful, interesting or somehow entertaining.

If in your travels around the Web, you happen across any sites that may feel at home here at iMAP, please forward the URL to us so we can put it up for all to see and share.

Additionally, if there are other or certain types of information you would like to see added please let us know what it is and well be glad to put it up.

So, get yourself a big bowl of gumbo and click on some Radio Free New Orleans and relax, listen and learn... and you might as well surf while your at it too.

- Your Friends at ICIR

Example Clients Served

Holt Consulting Services, Inc.
Holt Pipeline & Equipment, Ltd.
Holt Company of Texas
Twang, Inc.

Miscellaneous Links

Measurement Conversion
Dr. Andrew Weil
Cost of Living Salary Calculator Index
Computing Dictionary
Radio Free New Orleans
National Public Radio
PBS Online
Discovery Channel Online
National Geographic Online
AfroPop Worldwide

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